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About our Department

Our Department of Chemistry was established at the St. George campus of the University of Toronto in 1859. Since then, it has become home to 50 renowned faculty members conducting research in several fields of chemistry, as well as interdisciplinary fields. 

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Interested In Our Chemistry Graduate Programs?

The Chemistry department at the University of Toronto offers some of the world's best graduate and doctoral programs across its three campuses: St. George (UTSG); Mississauga (UTM); and Scarborough (UTSC). 

Students, faculty, and the department as a whole continuously win awards and grants, allowing the research community to expand further, and enrich our students' academic and professional lives.

Our 350+ graduate students are compensated with at least $33,000 a year to support their time in Toronto. Students are also provided opportunities to engage with the community through several student-run organizations, such as: Chem Club; Working Towards Inclusivity in Chemistry in Toronto (WICTO); and the Green Chemistry Initiative. 

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